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Our Vision 

The vision of the University is to raise quality leaders that would transform Nigeria and continually sustain her as a technologically advanced nation.

Our Mission

To be a University recognized for academic excellence and human capital development which impacts society economically, intellectually and socially. 



The University believes that a solution can be found to the devastating problems facing Nigeria. These problems include huge debt profile, high incidents of HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, high infant mortality, and poverty.

The answer needed is the transformation of the mind of the coming generation. The University will not just inform the mind of the coming generation but also transform their minds to change Nigeria. What Nigeria needs are workable programmes that increase peoples dignity and restore their lives.


Core Values: 

  1.  Openness, Honesty, and Integrity
  2.  Passion and enthusiasm
  3.  Innovation and Creativity
  4.  Courage and Humility

At Kings University, Students at all levels are expected to adhere to the university dress code, exhibit satisfactory moral conduct and exemplary behaviour, provide service to the community and engage in sporting/extra-curricular activities in order to become a valuable citizen to the nation.


Raising leaders, Transforming minds

Opportunities for Professional and Entrepreneurial Certifications

Students of Kings University are expected to register for and pass the examinations of at least one recognised Professional body as well as a Proficiency certificate in a Vocational skill during the course of their studentship in the University. It is believed that these additional professional/entrepreneurial certifications will make them competitive in the job market or for self-employment.

Quick facts:

Founded in 2015

Located in Odeomu, Osun State, Nigeria

Accredited by the National University Commission (NUC)

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