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University Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BOT) is responsible for the overall policy direction and financing of the University. The BOT is headed by Professor Gabriel O. A. Sowemimo, other members of the Board are as follows –

Senator (Chief) Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu            -           Member

Dr. Tokunbo Awolowo Dosunmu                  -           Member

Pastor Wole Oladiyun                                     -       Member

Pastor David Ibiyeomi                                    -       Member

Chief Christian Ipaola Olaniyan                     -          Member

Mr. Tobi Ashimolowo                                    -          Member

Pastor Femi Faseru                                         -       Member/Secretary

The functions of the Board of Trustees are as follows:

  1. Approval of the general development policies, goals and long term plans of the University as recommended by Council;
  2. Appointment and determination of the terms and conditions of service of the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor and external members of the Governing Council;
  • Ensuring sustainable funding of the University in all legal ways and to raise funds, receive gifts, donations, bequests, endowments, etc. and apply the same in the interest of the University;
  1. Hold, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of any property or interest therein belonging to or held for the benefit of the University;
  2. Conduct visitation to the University at least once in every five years; and
  3. Approval of the annual budget for the University, and to consider the annual report including the audited account of the University.


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