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2020/2021 Admissions in Progress Click Here       Kings University Secures NUC’s Approval for four (4) New Academic Programmes: B.Sc. Mass Communication, B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies, B.Sc. Entrepreneurship, and B.Sc. Cybersecurity

Vice-Chancellor’s Speech delivered at the 2020/2021 Orientation Programme for Fresh Students’

Today is the fresh students’ orientation programme for the 2020/2021 academic session. So, I congratulate you for being found suitable for admission and also assure you all that a life-changing experience and education awaits you at this University.

 At Kings University, we offer you a platform to discover more about yourself, your ambitions, and life goals - new skills and interests to ensure the development of a well-rounded graduate. Your learning adventure here transcends the walls of the classroom.

 The main objective of this orientation programme is to acquaint you with the fundamental principles, norms, and core values of our institution. These values have shaped the image of this institution as a centre for raising quality leaders and transforming minds. We also strive to nurture a University of high international standards in Nigeria and amongst the very best globally.

 University Rules:

As fresh students, it is expected that you will abide by all rules and regulations of this institution and participate in all activities of the University. You are expected to dress according to acceptable standards and comport yourself very well both within and outside the campus, as you are now Ambassadors of the University.

 Course Registration:

All fresh students should have completed or are about to complete their course registrations. To access your lectures, you need to register for them. So, please visit the students portal and ensure you do the needful. Should you encounter any challenges in the process, please feel free to contact your course advisor for assistance.

 Academic Activities

Students are encouraged to attend lectures and promptly too. A minimum attendance of 75% is required for you to be allowed to write examinations in any course. Continuous Assessment forms the basis of your examination.  It must be taken with all seriousness as it constitutes 30% or 40% of your total grade.  Students are advised never to fail in their Continuous Assessment or fail in examinations.

 ICT-Driven University:

Our mission is to drive e-learning, dissemination preservation, and application of knowledge using Information Technology. The University has fully deployed the Learning Management System (LMS) to aid virtual engagements between the lecturers and students. Our classrooms are also fitted with multimedia projectors. All these facilities and resources are powered by the wireless Wi-Fi that covers the University campus. This is consistent with the University’s commitment to Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

I, therefore, implore all students to ensure that they avail themselves and make the best use of the facilities provided by the University to acquire these skills and competencies before graduation.

Library Facilities:

We have both hard and e-learning Library materials for students’ use.  Open Education Resources (OER) are regularly upgraded to enable our students to engage in research and also have access to top-rated international journals.

 Covid-19 Safety Protocols:

Permit me to remind you of the COVID-19 challenge that we face at the moment.  We have had to adjust to the new normal, limiting physical interactions as best as possible, and you may have rightly observed since you arrived on campus, Management have ensured that all COVID-19 prevention and safety protocols are in place. So, we enjoin you to comply with these protocols.


This is a good time for Kings University and an auspicious moment for you as well. So, I admonish you to commit yourselves to your studies, and the ideals of the University. I wish you all a memorable and impactful stay on our campus.

Congratulations and you are formally welcomed into Kings University.

Professor Adenike Kuku


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