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Vice-Chancellor’s Remarks at the 2021 Faculty of Science Lecture


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the 3rd Faculty of Science Lecture titled: "Information Security Management: Moving from Conventional to Bio-inspired solutions”. On behalf of the University Management, I congratulate the Dean, Faculty of Science, Prof. M.T. Olaleye, Heads of Departments, staff, and students of the Faculty.

The guest speaker, Dr. B.O Akinyemi is a researcher of note with interests in the areas of Data Communication and Network Security, Cybersecurity, and Data Mining with significant contributions to the development of new methods of risk management and intrusions detection in Cyberspace. Thus, I commend the Faculty for her choice, as she would offer new perspectives on the topic of discourse.

Covid-19 has altered the normal ways of life, and even academic engagements. The world has had to adjust to the new normal with human interactions and activities going virtual – teaching and learning, conferences, meetings, and even parties, etc. These activities have brought about increased digitisation, automation, and storage of the information required to run businesses and the society at large, coupled with the world becoming a global village.

However, as with all other systems, there is a myriad of challenges facing securing information and access to it, such as - software vulnerabilities, outdated hardware, and weak organisational information security framework which makes the information technology infrastructure susceptible to cyber attacks. Hence, the need to develop effective information security architecture to protect these information systems.

Aside from these conventional solutions, the need to leverage the opportunities that Biometrics and other Bio-inspired solutions afford us would also be innovative. Bio-inspired solutions are now used by scientists and researchers to solve real-world problems. These biological solutions are usually adaptable, robust, and resilient. Examples of bio-inspired solutions are Artificial Immune System (AIS) used to detect the environmental changes from the normal system and memorize these characteristics automatically, and the Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm which is based on foraging behaviour of the ants. ACO is adopted in the organization of parallel distributed systems, etc.

So, I believe that the combination of the conventional and Bio-inspired solutions would help in designing effective information security systems, and I am confident that the thoughts and ideas shared by Dr. Akinyemi today would further enrich the entire University community. 

Thank you and God bless.

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