Akintola Oluwatosin M.

Akintola Oluwatosin M.

Assistant Lecturer in Department of Political Science

Akintola Oluwatosin M.

Political Science

Humanities, Management and Social Sciences


Akintola Oluwatosin is an assistant lecturer in the Department of Politcal Science at Kings University.

Research Interest
  • International Relations
  • African Peace Studies
  • Gender Studies
Conferences and Workshops
  • Akintola, O (2018), An Assessment of African Union’s responses to Libyan Crisis (2011). All-African Peoples’ Conference 2018. Organised by University of Ghana, Legon 5th -8th December, 2018.
  • FEMWISE-AFRICA 3rd Induction-Mediation Training. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 30th June – 5th July, 2019
  • FES Civil-Military Relations Training Programme 2021, Abuja. 26th – 28th April, 2021.
Selected Publications
  • Akintola, O. M. (2021), Evaluation of African Union’s Roadmap and Libyan Crisis in 2011 Crawford Journal of Business & Social Sciences (CJBASS) VOL. XI NO.1 <https://www.academia.edu/download/76178453/Evaluation_of_African_Union_s_Roadmap_and_Libyan_Crisis_in_2011.pdf> 
  • Sharkdam, W. & Akintola, O. (2021), The Nigerian Diaspora Commission and the Engagement of Nigerians in Diaspora: Between Economic and Citizen Diplomacy. In Adejoh S., Nwaneri M. & Ukandu I. (Eds.) Africa and Emerging Trends in Global Politics. Pyla-Mak Services Ltd, Kaduna, Nigeria pp. 413 – 416 ISBN: 978 – 978 – 58821 – 8 – 6. 
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