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French Day 2021: Embracing Awareness

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French Day 2021: Embracing Awareness

The Kings University French Day event which took place on the 19th of June, 2021, was indeed a memorable event with participants from both the university community and many other guest schools like the Redeemer’s University and Adeleke University.

The event was spiced with various stage performances from students, lectures from guest speakers, games and sports competitions. The principal theme of the event was the promotion of the French language as an essential means of communication in a multi-lingua community. The event was also curated with the idea of using interactive sessions amongst individuals during extra-curricular activities as a means of promoting the continuous usage of the language.

According to Mr. Lene Felix Adeolu of the department of Languages and Linguistics, and the organizer of the event, languages are best learned when individuals indulge in various interactive activities rather than in classrooms, and thus, the very reason why the event is characterized with a lot of drama presentations, singing performances, indoor and outdoor games, sports competitions, etc., all of which helps to foster a lot of human interactions as much as possible, and also ensuring more usage and learning of the French language.

Mr Lene also emphasized on the importance of the French language in our lives and outside the University community since it is a very useful language of communication in most African countries and the world in general, and hence admonished the students and everyone present to learn the language. The event was rounded off with awards of prizes to winners of the games, drama, and sports competitions, with the most entertaining of them being the football competition amongst various teams from the university faculties. The football competition was capped with an outstanding final match which had its commentary solely done in French, and the winner being the team from the Faculty of Science.

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    i am from the republic of benin, a border country in nigeria. I would like to enroll in your university because the programs are innovative and interest me very well. friendly

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